His palms were sweaty (or maybe it was just juice), as he approached the lectern to face the Casper City Council, including Mayor Steve Freel. He was nervous, but knew he had a job to do. Lemmy the Lemon, the spokes - um - lemon for Casper's Annual Lemonade Day.

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For the past 6 years, Lemonade Day has served as an opportunity for the community to rally behind its children; the future entrepreneurs of Casper.

"Lemonade Day, for those who don't know, is a program that's been here in Casper for years, promoting entrepreneurship among the young people of our communities," Tom McCarthy told the Casper City Council.

McCarthy is one of Lemmy's handlers and he sometimes speaks for the lemonhead when words are too hard to come by.

"Anybody that's been here on Lemonade Day knows that all you have to do is drive one block in any direction and you'll find a lemonade stand," McCarthy stated. "What you might not know is that each one of those kids, guided by our leader Lemmy, learns the lessons of starting their own business, what it takes to procure all of the supplies needed, the capitol - perhaps from investors (or parents) - to build the stands, to go out and get sponsorships. And then, hopefully if they do a really great job, make some money.

"It's with that spirit that we hope, along with Hilltop National Bank and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, to continue to bring that mentality and that spirit to Casper, as these young people grow into young adults and start their businesses. It's something we're really proud of, and really excited to do."

Kids can register for the event now and may pick up official Lemonade Day backpacks at any Hilltop National Bank location. Each backpack contains the official guide to starting their own business, as well as coupons, special offers and prizes from Lemonade Day sponsors.

Once registered, kids are led through a 14-step learning process that includes budgeting, marketing, construction of their stand, research, developing an actual lemonade recipe, and tabulating the business results.

And then, on the big day, little businesspeople will set up shop all around Casper and sell their products to the community. They will keep 100% of the proceeds as well.

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Which brings us back to Lemmy. Tuesday was a big day for Lemmy, as he would stand alongside Mayor Steve Freel while he proclaimed July 10 as Casper's official 'Lemonade Day.'

Lemmy walked past the council, shook Mayor Freel's hand and accepted the proclamation.

"Whereas Lemonade Day is a free, community-wide, educational event, providing children with the opportunity to learn and apply entrepreneurial thinking and create a foundation for success in a global economy," Freel stated.

"Whereas Lemonade Day exists to infuse today's youth with the spirit of enterprise, teaching the basic business skills necessary to become successful, contributing members of their community.

"Whereas Lemonade Day, as a core philosophy of spend, save, and share, that is implemented by teaching children how to start, own, and operate a business, learn goal setting, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, provide community service and give back to the community.

Whereas Lemonade Day offers opportunities for familes, businesses, schools, youth organizations, faith-based communities, neighborhoods, institutions of higher learning and government agencies to unite for the common purpose to train the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Whereas Lemonade Day is an event that demonstrates to young people of Casper that they are important and citizens care about their future.

Now, therefore, I, Steven Freel, Mayor of the City of Casper, Wyoming, do hereby proclaim Saturday, July 10th 2021, as Lemonade Day in Casper."

Lemmy did it. He, alongside Mayor Freel and the rest of City Council, proclaimed July 10 as the official Lemonade Day. And, in doing so, he served as an inspiration for all of the other young people in Casper. He showed them that they can do anything they put their minds to, that just because they're young doesn't mean they can't accomplish great things, that it's never too early to start building their future.

That's exactly what will happen on the newly-proclaimed Lemonade Day on Saturday, July 10.


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