It was a brisk and windy morning when Kelly Walsh High School students gathered outside of their school to pay respects to veteran alumni who died during active duty.

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Dozens of students stood around the famed Kelly Walsh Christmas Tree to watch a few of their fellow students lay wreaths for veteran alumni of the school.

"Every year, we do wreaths across America and we go to the cemetery and lay wreaths on the graves of the veterans, and we decided to do it for KW this year," said Bobbi Herbst, an 11th grader and member of the Kelly Walsh DECA team.

"We have the ring of honor out there with the three plaques of people who died during active duty, and we wanted to honor them," said Catie Conway, another 11th grade DECA member.

Both girls said it was incredibly important to them to be able to honor the veteran alumni who lost their lives in battle.

"I think it's just really cool that we can lay wreaths and honor all of our veterans that have served in all kinds of wars," Herbst stated. "And also, since they graduated from here, it's special to the school."

Conway agreed.

"It's an honor to be able to do this because we, ourselves, can't serve right now, so to just be able to show some respect; it means a lot," she said.

Both girls stood at the ring of honor and gave a brief speech to the student body, before silently laying the wreaths on top of the plaques honoring the service members who gave their life for this country.

Video of the wreath laying can be seen below, as can photos from the event.

KWHS Students Lay Wreaths for Veteran Alumni

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