The Commander of the USS Cheyenne  submarine says the crew of the sub feels a special kinship with the city of Cheyenne.

Cmdr. Noel Gonzalez says the Cheyenne has pictures of the city of Cheyenne on board and reminders of the sub's mission and it's relationship to the community. He says the crew members ''absolutley feel their ties to the community".

Gonzalez also says that for the crew members support from the subs namesake city ''makes a difference". Gonzalez adds that while the sub can only spare a few crew members to personally visit Cheyenne Frontier Days, there are far more volunteers than are actually able to attend the event. A few crew memers are in town this week for CFD 2013.

The USS Cheyenne is a "Los Angeles Class'' submarine commissioned in 1996 and based in Parl Harbor, Hawaii. The sub is the primary subject of the book ''SSN'' by Tom Clancy.

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Steven Khor)