Officials with Wyoming Game and Fish say hunters can expect exceptional wild turkey hunting in Sheridan and Johnson counties this spring.

“In those two counties in Hunt Area 3, there are good turkey populations,” Game and Fish spokesperson Bud Stewart said. “Our season opened on April 1 and it will be open until May 20, (and) I’m sure some people have already been out.”

Stewart says the best hunting tends to occur late in the season.

“Once it gets a little bit later in the season, those hens start nesting and those gobblers are still, because it's their mating season, roaming,” Stewart said. “They may react to a call a little bit more (or) a little bit later in the season toward late April or early May.”

Stewart says hunters need to ask for permission before hunting on private land – the highest turkey populations, he says, tend to be found on privately-owned land.

Resident hunters will also need to purchase a $16 permit before beginning their hunt. Non-resident permits are $72. A $12.50 conservation stamp is also required.