Severe weather in Wyoming can happen anytime and last Friday was one of those times. Here in Casper we saw some big winds, some pretty good rainfall of about 1/3 of an inch and reports in the area of some heavy hail. North of  Wheatland , near Guernsey State Park, one of the rangers caught these pictures as the system passed through.

Photos 1-6 taken , time span was 1409 - 1418 hrs, location was westbound lane [off on shoulder] of Hwy 26 near MM8 or approx 6 miles west of Guernsey -  the weather event appeared to be approaching my position - estimated to be approx 1 mile to 1.5 miles to the WSW - in my immediate area no high wind / no rain / no hail, there was no observable wall cloud.  Any rotation observable was at ground level and was brown in color possibly dirt/dust debris. Photo 7 was taken from an elevated bluff position in the south end of the park, estimated distance of 7-8 miles.



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