This Wyoming trouper was working outside in some of the worst that this state has to offer...


The video below shows him walking back to his vehicle, watching his steps, it was very slick out there.

He looks up just in time to see something and you'll see him stagger and slip in the ice as he tries to find his footing to get out of the way.

He does, thankfully, at the last moment.

A big truck blows by and just misses him.

He now has a story to tell and the dash cam video to prove it.

Being the professional that he is the officer turns around and calmly, it seems, walks to see if the truck driver is okay.

He was not alone. You'll see in the video other officers watching what just happened.

The driver of the truck lost control.

That's why he passed to the driver's side of the patrol car.

That side of the highway is below the lane heading in the other direction.

That makes the median a bit of a hill, covered in deep snow.

It's actually a good thing that the hill goes up from there and not down.

You'll see the truck smack into the snow back and come to a stop.

Imagine if that was a downward hill.

attachment-Highway patrolman jumps out of the way 3

The truck would have launched into the air and crashed down into oncoming traffic.

Is the driver okay?

The officer is walking back to see.

In conditions like this, it is best to slow way down and drive like a grandma.

Watch the video, above, and you'll see why.

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