They are called SANE. It stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and Saturday the crew from Wyoming Medical Center decided to give everyone at Eastridge Mall a taste of what women go through every day, except in a light-hearted manner.

It’s called Take a Walk in Her Shoes, and it gives men a chance to see what at least one part of a woman’s life is like. That part? Walking in high heels. Most women will tell you that it’s one of those things you put up with for the sake of style, and Saturday, several men, including Casper Fire EMS personnel put on a pair of heels, which they got to choose, and take a walk in them.

The results were not pretty, and not comfortable.

“It’s tougher than I thought,” said Capt. Patrick McJunkin. “This is very uncomfortable.”

Looking around the mall, it seems many women agree.

Just before we arrived, an interesting thing happened. Sheriff’s Deputies who were there to join in the event, got word of a young man doing something questionable, and off they ran to give chase…in the high heels they were wearing.

They caught him, too, no doubt much to his embarrassment.

But all the fun has a serious purpose, to raise awareness of sexual assault. Sixty-seven sexual assaults were reported in the emergency room in 2015, though the number went down last year.

And perhaps that’s in part due to fun events like this one, with a serious message to deliver.

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