In a special contest sponsored by WyoLotto’s new in-state lottery game, Cowboy Draw™, Beth Staffeld won $10,000 when she was chosen at random from among nearly 5,000 “Horse” Giveaway contest entrants.

To enter the contest, Beth submitted a photo of herself with her Cowboy Draw ticket, which she purchased at Pony Express in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. WyoLotto accepted the “selfie” entries via its Facebook page and The contest opened on March 15, 2015, in celebration of the launch of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation’s Cowboy Draw game.

When asked if she was feeling lucky the day she bought her Cowboy Draw ticket, Beth said, “I didn’t feel lucky; I felt blessed.”

A new resident of Ten Sleep, Beth had decided to settle there after falling in love with the town during a cross-country road trip from Virginia Beach to the West Coast, while she was three months into remission from breast cancer.

The Cowboy Draw “Horse” giveaway was open only to Wyoming residents, so it is only because Beth decided to stay in Wyoming that she was eligible to win. About Ten Sleep she said, “I love that people are so friendly to me here, and there’s so much to do! So I decided this is the place I wanted to stay.”
Before retirement, Beth worked at Microsoft Siemens as a business information manager. While she has traveled the world for business and pleasure, this is her first time living in the middle of the country.
As the winner of the “Horse” Giveaway, themed in the Wyoming spirit, Beth now has $10,000 to spend on the horse of her dreams—or on whatever else she might wish.

Although she claims she would love a horse, Beth said she plans first to “do the most responsible thing” with her winnings and pay off her car. She then plans to use the rest of the money for travel to and attire for her son’s wedding in San Francisco in June. She has two sons. One lives in California, and the other, currently stationed at a U.S. Army base in Korea, will be moving to Germany with his new bride after the wedding.