In just a few days, the Wyoming Lottery is introducing a brand new game called KENO.

Coming up on Sunday, September 18th, 2022, WyoLotto is rolling out the red carpet for this new game which offers huge prizes and multiple ways to win and play.

According to the official WyoLotto website, it states:

This game plays by its own set of rules. Over 300 drawings a day, each with a grand prize of $200,000! It’s perfect for any time—on a night out with friends or while watching the big game. Coming this September to all WyoLotto retailers plus bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, social clubs, and other spots across Wyoming.

The official WyoLotto Facebook page has begun the countdown with an awesome graphic, along with a caption that states:

The countdown has begun! 4 days until the game that gives you a chance to win every 4 minutes! Coming September 18th!

There will be KENO drawings every 4 minutes, from 5:00 am through 2:00 am, everyday of the week.

The WyoLotto Facebook page also posted this colorful graphic on Monday (September 12th, 2022) with a caption that read:

KENO is coming and it’s gonna be good! This game gives you all the keys each time for a chance to win BIG! Coming September 18th!

Check out the video below for a detailed description of how to play KENO!

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The new WyoLotto Keno game definitely looks like fun. Will you be playing on release day?

For more details, visit the official WyoLotto website here.

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