Paleontologists at Casper College's Tate Geological Museum now have more room to work on some of the bigger and heavier dinosaur fossil discoveries.

Just south of the museum is the new T-Rex Annex, which provides more room as well as floor support, that is lacking inside the museum.

Among the projects currently being worked on inside the annex, is a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, that was discovered in 2005 north of Lusk, however it is missing its head, tail and one leg.

Mike Bingle-Davis is chairman of the museum's Tate Advisory Committee.

He says the extra room has been needed for quite sometime.

Prior to this, we've had Dee the Mammoth discovered, and prepared and put back together and put on display, and that was a feat unto itself, but to have another additional larger specimen be found like this, the museum wasn't prepared for it.

Unlike the museum where anyone can visit, tours of the new annex must be arranged ahead of time.

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