This year’s Summer Solstice begins today at 4:34pm here in Casper!

Not only will we enjoy 15 hours of Sun today, but the night will be topped off with a full moon. This once in a lifetime event hasn’t occurred in over 70 years and won’t happen again until 2094.

If you would like to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve, you can head on up to Crimson Dawn on the slopes of Casper Mountain.

The Celebration will be June 21st at 7pm, at the Crimson Dawn Park and Museum, located at 1620 Crimson Dawn Road. Since June 21, 1929 the Summer Solstice has been celebrated at Crimson Dawn and it all started with Neal Forsling leading her friends along the trails in the Pines and Aspens, telling stories of mystical mountain inhabitants. The event has become a tradition that generations have and will celebrate year after year. Join the festivities that will end at a bonfire with hot cocoa and cookies!


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