According to a release by Wyoming Highway Patrol, 73-year-old Danny Beckstead of Idaho was killed in a traffic accident on Wednesday at 5:57 p.m. near Cokeville.

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Based on the narrative provided by Highway Patrol, Beckstead was the driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was travelling southbound on U.S. 30 near milepost 4.5, when it crossed the centerline, striking a Chevrolet Silverado in an offset head-on collision with override-underride.

Override-underride refers to when a larger vehicle like a truck rides over a smaller vehicle, such as the one Beckstead was driving, resulting in a more dangerous accident.

The vehicles then separated and came to a rest on the west side of the road.

Highway Patrol lists driver fatigue or sleep, speed, and driver inattention as possible contributing factors to the crash.

Beckstead was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, and there were also two other people involved in the crash, one who was injured and another who was not, however it does not specify who they were or which vehicle those people occupied.

This is the 91st fatality, and the 39th without a seatbelt, to date, compared to 106 fatalities at this point in 2020, 128 in 2019, 93 in 2018, and 113 in 2017.

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