Thomas Bleming has declared his intention to challenge U.S. Sen. John Barrasso in the Republican primary election next year. While he acknowledges the incumbent senator has lots of money, Bleming also notes that Barrasso was appointed and not elected.

Campaign funding:

"Well, John Barrasso, for one, is a corporate puppet. He's gotten a lot of money from corporations. I don't plan to ask for nor accept corporate funding, nor PAC funding. Sure, he's got name recognition. As far as being a Republican, I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in getting rid of the Federal Reserve system. I believe in getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We've spent trillions, trillions in these wars, getting nowhere."

You can hear the extended, October 18th interview with Thomas Bleming on this week's Report to Wyoming, on all of our Townsquare Media stations at 5:30 Sunday morning, and again Sunday night at 9 pm on KTWO AM 1030.

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