There is yet another societal fad that is now intruding in our everyday lives.

The so-called "creepy clown" wave of incidents has now put the administration of Kelly Walsh High School on alert.

Here is the official statement from the school.

NATRONASCHOOLS: Kelly Walsh High School was made aware of an anonymous social media post in relation to the "creepy clown incidents" being reported across the country. KWHS staff have been made aware of the situation and are on alert to anything out of the ordinary. Local law enforcement is aware of the Creepy Clown situation and has officers on alert for any issues. NCSD#1 will not allow adult or student  creepy clowns  on any school campus because their presence is disruptive to the educational process, and is a potential safety threat to students and staff.

This phenomenon of people dressing as sinister clowns to frighten others is apparently sweeping the country, and there have been sightings in Wyoming in both Cheyenne and Laramie.


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