A Casper woman witnesses her home burglarized in broad daylight.

At about eleven in the morning last week Monday, police responded to the six-hundred block of Park street for a theft call.

According to affidavit, Patty Danielson observed a man and a woman in a dark pick-up truck back into her driveway. The couple then exited the vehicle and loaded up Danielson's two thousand dollar snow blower which was located at the back of her driveway next to a fence.

Danielson yelled "hello" at the two suspects who appeared to be startled and quickly drove off.

Late Sunday morning, while making a routine traffic stop, police arrested Deangela Snyder on an outstanding warrant and transported her to jail.

Danielson was shown a photo line-up where she, without hesitation, identified Snyder as the woman who stole her snow blower.

Shortly after officers began questioning Snyder about the theft, she requested the presence of a lawyer. Snyder remains in custody and is being charged with grand larceny.