A Utah man convicted of attempted carjacking, use of a stolen firearm and carrying out the crime naked on Interstate 80 last summer received sentencing.

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Armando Juan Cano, 27, of Moroni Utah, was sentenced July 18th in Federal District Court in Casper on two charges; 57 months for count one and 10 years for count two, to be run consecutively.

John Powell, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office says the incident took place on June 23rd of 2010, 33 miles west of Rawlins just after 9pm.

"This gentleman forced some people off the road and he ended up being naked, high-jacked a vehicle, fired some shots at some people."

Powell says Cano was under the influence of an unspecified substance when he began ramming vehicles in order to force them off the road.

"He stopped some people and they ran away. He then chased after them and forced them off the road. He then got into one persons vehicle, found a gun in there and used that gun, fired it twice, once at the person driving and once again at somebody that was near the vehicle through the windshield. Fortunately he did not hit anybody."

Cano's sentencing also includes nearly 12 thousand in restitution and five years of supervised release after serving his time.