Republican State Sen. Bill Landen will seek his party's nomination for re-election to represent Senate District 27 in eastern Natrona County, he said Wednesday.

Landen's seven years in the Legislature gives him an edge to deal with the challenges of education, veterans and the economy, he said.

The recent debates about science and other standards in Wyoming schools have had their merits, he said. But the state needs better direction, he said, citing his experience as an administrator at Casper College and discussions with teachers who want higher standards in science and other subjects.

"Whatever standards that  we put in place, though, I want to make sure that we're placing our students in position to compete in a world economy," Landen said.

According to a news release, he said future school construction funding from coal lease bonuses may be in jeopardy because of regulations on extractive industries. Wyoming will need to develop new funding streams to meet the construction and maintenance needs of schools, he said.

Landen also wants to keep an eye on veterans' needs, he said. "I want to do whatever I can that when our veterans come home from foreign conflict that we're doing everything we can to dust them off and point them in the right direction and give them the support they need."

Landen was first appointed in 2007 to replace John Barrasso. He was elected by the voters in 2008 and again in 2010. He is chairman of the School Facilities Committee for the Senate. He also has served on the Labor and Health, Education and Transportation committees.