In it's second night of business the Republican National Convention revved up the content and excited the crowd.

The Wyoming delegation of convention goers started off the day with a gathering at their host hotel, the Sheraton, along with the members of the Washington Delegation from Wyoming. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso along with Congressman Cynthia Lummis were on hand for the breakfast and have been constant visitors of the convention and the Wyoming events. Governor Matt Mead has also been a constant part of the activities surrounding the event.

After breakfast and a review of the day and events, the delegation had a choice of an upscale luncheon or a gathering at the beach put together by the Congressional Western Caucus. I joined those headed for the beach and a more relaxing atmosphere. The delegation was met by hosts and hostesses putting forward a wide array of food and drink. The food was presented with a true Florida fare with offerings of gator, shrimp cooked 3 ways, crab cakes,beef tips,clam strips and to top it all off real key lime pie. Personal watercraft were offered for those ready to brave the water and a pirate themed tropical band was on hand for entertainment.

Later that afternoon busses were loaded and sent downtown for the second night of convention activities. The evening started with a video abot Ron Paul that energized his supporters in the arena, it was followed by Chairman Mitch McConnell(KY) that threatened to put the room to sleep, but was quickly roused to attention by the appearance and speech of Rand Paul Senator fom KY.

John Mccain took to the podium to lament his failure of 4 years ago but to energize the crown and encourage the support of the nominated ticket. LA Governor Bobby Jindahl was slated to speak but because of the impending landfall of Hurricane Issac on the Louisiana coast, he chose to stay home and take care of his states business.

Governor Luis Fortuna of Puerto Rico, who has a great story of economic turnaround for his state was next and really got the crowd going. He was followed closely by a video presentation of both of the George Bush's and first ladies, Barbara and Laura, with fond remembrances of time in the Whitehouse along with ringing endorsements of both Mitt and Ann Romney.

Mike Huckabee, former candidate in the 2088 presidential primaries, was next on stage to attack the Obama administration and laud the Romney/Ryan ticket. It was only after the introduction of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, that the room really woke up and seemed to take hold of the evening. She was followed by the Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez, who engaged the crowd, kept the entusiasm up and put a smile on the faces of the gathered crowd.

The event that all were waiting for was the acceptance of the nomination for Vice-President of the United States by Wisconsin Senator Paul Ryan .He made the case against the Obama administration effectively,

 “They have no answer to this simple reality: We need to stop spending money we don’t have” 

and argued just as effectively for Romney. He spoke eloquently about how he and Romney were of different faiths but, at their core, believed the same things. He electrified the crowd and set the stage well for Mitt Romney to accept his nomination tonight.

After the bus troubles of last night, the onganizers of the RNC made some quick adjustments and made up for the gaffes of the previous evening. Some of the delegate went to see Kid Rock in concert,while other hit their rooms for some much needed rest and to prepare for todays events.

If you missed the speeches some of the highlights are here.

Paul Ryan

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez on her .357

KY Senator Rand Paul