An art gallery in Casper is putting out a call for bad art. The Corridor Gallery is exploring what makes a work of art bad and will have a bad art show in October.

Bad art is out there; find it; bring it in:

"We are offering a $500 cash prize for worst in show. It's free to enter your piece, but the piece must be donated, so I would recommend spending only a couple of bucks unless you think it's a guaranteed shoo-in for worst in show. Worst in show will be voted by the public attending the opening."

Reed Merschat, co-owner of the Corridor Gallery, said that because the art is offensive to aesthetic sensibilities, it might be destined for destruction, but opinions vary.

Some art may have ugly charm:

"We felt that some people may fall in love with certain pieces and not want them to be destroyed, and that's why we developed this destroy-or-save auction, so basically it's going to be a silent auction and you can make a bid on a piece of paper hanging next to the artwork, at a certain monetary value to either win and take it home, or you can put your cash into getting that piece destroyed."

Ridding the world of bad art will also be available online.

Creations that merit destruction:

"And you want to see a video of this piece of art being blown up, set ablaze, or gunned down on the range, then you could put your bid towards that and we're going to reward the general public with videos made available online of the destruction."

The deadline for entering bad art is October 1st.

Submission form for bad art:

" and you'll find a full set of rules at the bottom of the submission form, or you can give us a call at 307.333.7035, or you can send an e-mail to"

All artwork must be an original, so no prints or reproductions. The Bad Art Opening is October 22nd.


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