A Casper man accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a Glenrock toddler, and triggering an Amber Alert last year, has changed his plea.

Twenty-three year old Robert Parks has entered an Alford plea to one charge of first degree sexual abuse of a minor and one charge of aggravated kidnapping.

Last May, the then two-year old toddler's mother reported the child was missing in the Glenrock area and law enforcement sent out an Amber Alert.

A neighbor also reported his SUV was missing at around the same time.

Converse County sheriff's deputies found the child and vehicle a few hours later south of Glenrock and it appeared to them that the child had been sexually abused.

It turns out Parks had abandoned both.

Investigators say they found biological evidence and Park's identification card in the vehicle, that link him to the crimes.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped one charge of larceny, and no cap was placed on a prison sentence, which means they can argue for the maximum time permitted by Converse County law, but the sentences would have to run concurrent with one another.

An Alford Plea is not an admission of guilt, but it acknowledges that prosecutors have enough evidence for a conviction.