Thursday nights at the Beacon Club you can tip a glass and help people. Thankful Thursdays are the brainchild of Rodeo Rick of My Country 95.5, disclosure note, a TownsquareMedia station. Thankful Thursdays at the Beacon Club mix a warmup party for the weekend with a more noble purpose, admits Rodeo Rick, but it's working, to the tune of 99 bottles of beer.

Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall:

"For our case, for My Country 95.5, it's 95 bottles of prizes. And each week we give away nine different bottles, and we select people, random lottery, doesn't cost you anything to participate, with the grand prize in one of those bottles being 500 dollars in cash."

The party for charity began in Cheyenne three years ago, and people were skeptical at first but once people saw it did benefit those in need, sponsors got in the spirit.

Local organizations helped:

"I got word that the Casper Humane Society is in need of a little bit of help. They're falling on a little bit of financial hard times, so we're doing what we can to raise them a little bit of money. The week following that is CASA, going all the way up until Thanksgiving, we've got some larger local charities that have been there to kind of help get us started."

Thankful Thursdays go from late January to Memorial Day, break for the summer, start again after Labor Day and run to the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

Prizes bring benefactors:

"And our crowds have been pretty good. Last week we had 126 people the week before we had 154 people; that was our largest crowd. It also happened to be the night that we sold the trailer for 2,100 bucks, so we raised almost 4,500 dollars on that particular Thursday. And I say it time and time again, when we all get together, and give just a little, together we can accomplish great things."

This Thursday, today, Thankful Thursday will benefit the cancer care Angels Program.


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