A woman arrested over the weekend and charged with multiple drug-related crimes pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors in Natrona County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Shellie Presley pleaded guilty to separate counts of possession of methamphetamine, marijuana and hydrocodene during her initial appearance.

Natrona County Circuit Court Judge Steven Brown, acting on the recommendation of Assistant District Attorney Randall Carnahan, sentenced her to three consecutive one-year jail terms with all but 60 days suspended, plus three years supervised probation. Brown also ordered her to go through the drug court system.

After initials, Carnahan said there was not enough evidence to warrant charging Presley with felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and taking a controlled substance into the jail.

On Saturday, officers responded Saturday to a call from Motel 6 about suspected drug activity in a room rented to Presley.

During a search of the room, officers found a marijuana pipe made from an Axe body spray can, a glass jar with marijuana residue, a hydrocodone pill, a bag with suspected methamphetamine, a small plastic bag with marijuana, two "tooter" straws, a razor, a large amount of cash, and a digital scale.

Preseley told the officer the suspected methamphetamine was actually methylsulfonymethane (MSM) sold at health stores and used as a supplement for chronic health issues.

It also mixed with methamphetamine to increase its volume when the drug is sold. The officer advised her that it is illegal to sell counterfeit controlled substances.

Presley also told police she had been selling methamphetamine since November because it was the only way she could make money.