Casper Police are still trying to identify a John Doe they arrested early Monday morning, after leading them on a chase, where he tried to run over one of the officers.

Investigators say shortly after one o'clock Monday morning, September 15th, officers were in the area of 7th Street and Missouri Avenue, when they noticed a suspicious man in a vehicle.

The man's activity led police to believe he was pleasuring himself, and when they knocked on the window, the Hispanic man, then started the engine and fled the area.

A chase ensued, which eventually made its way onto I-25, and then the 20-26 bypass.

A Mills Police Officer tried to assist by deploying a spike strip, but the male then drove towards the officer and missed.

The man eventually surrendered, but would not give his name, could not speak english, and police could not find a driver's license.

Among the offenses he was arrested for include aggravated assault on a Police Officer, Public Indecency, and Eluding.

He is expected to have an initial hearing, where he will be formally charged.