As the nights get longer and the days get colder, more and more animals seem to find themselves without a home.

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Such is the case right now at Metro Animal Services. Metro recently announced that they are almost at max capacity for dogs, and they need the community to step up and adopt some new pets.

There are currently 39 dogs up for adoption and, if we could, we could adopt every single one of them.

There are Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies, German Sheperds, Huskies, and so many more. All of them look like they're eager for a new friend.

Take, for instance, Paris - Metro's 'Pet of the Week.' Paris is a two-year-old spayed female Pit Bull Terrier and German Shorthaired Pointer.

According to Metro, Paris "is a friendly, energetic dog that loves to play, and appears to love people of all ages." Metro stated that Parris has all of her vaccinations, including rabies, and she's available for adoption TODAY.

Below you'll find photos and descriptions of each of the doggos available for adoption at Metro. We've spent hours looking at every single one and our hearts are tired. We want them all. Alas, we can't have them all. But we are going to adopt one for Christmas this year. Just remember, dogs aren't just for Christmas. They're a forever friend and should be treated as such.

To adopt a new furrrever friend, you can visit the Metro website.

Photos of the dogs available for adoption at Metro Animal Services can be seen below:

Dogs Up for Adoption at Metro Animal Services

As of November 29, there are currently 39 dogs currently up for adoption at Metro Animal Services. Here are some of the doggos you could bring home today:

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