As we close out this year and ring in another, it's  time to reflect on the memories we made in 2022, Casper.

What are the things future historians will latch onto when they talk about this year?

COVID eased in most countries, Russia invaded Ukraine, inflation soared, and the conversation about climate change intensified. These thing come to mind.

Here in Natrona County we saw tremendous things happen--both wonderful and tragic.

Businesses opened, businesses closed. Parades came through and Blocks were Rocked.

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People laughed, people cried. There was dancing, there were moments of silence.

Mother Nature showed us her tremendous power and beauty.

Casper rallied, Casper protested.

The community showed up in big ways for those in need.

Another year in the books.

We've pulled together a collection of the year from behind the lens.

Happy New Year from the K2Radio News team.

2022: This Year in Photos

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