The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says business owners in Wyoming are being targeted by scammers claiming to be affiliated with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Hailey Douglass, an information officer with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, says the group, which identifies itself as “U.S. Federal Labor Compliance,” attempts to threaten employers into purchasing a so-called “OSHA compliance package.”

“The entity is claiming that, if the employer doesn’t pay the $249.50 for the package, they will receive a compliance inspection,” Douglass said. “That’s just not correct.”

Douglass says OSHA provides many of its materials and services free of charge to Wyoming business owners.

“OHSA offers a lot of services to employers, and that includes a safety and health consultation program which is totally free, a safety and health situation program that’s totally free, and posters that are totally free,” Douglass said.

Business owners contacted by the scammers are urged to notify either their local Wyoming Department of Workforce Services office or local authorities immediately.