BOSTON (AP) — Some tourists visiting the nation's capital say they're doing the outdoor activities in the morning, and visiting the air-conditioned museums in the afternoon.

It's one way to cope with temperatures that have soared into the upper 90s for a second day in Washington and up the East Coast into New England. Temperature records were broken yesterday, the first day of summer.

In Newark, New Jersey, people waiting to register for an audition for American Idol were given a break from the heat. They were brought inside the Prudential Center arena.

A food vendor in New York's Times Square had reason to smile as the temperature in his cart neared 100. Bashir Saleh, a native of Afghanistan, said he was "exhausted" from working in the heat -- but that he makes more money on hot days, selling iced coffee and other drinks.

After fleeing war in his native land, he says that even when he's sweating to earn a living, he thinks, "God bless America."