Northeast U.S. Hits Upper 90’s For 2nd Day
BOSTON (AP) — Some tourists visiting the nation's capital say they're doing the outdoor activities in the morning, and visiting the air-conditioned museums in the afternoon.
It's one way to cope with temperatures that have soared into the upper 90s for a second day in Washington …
Spring Fever: U.S. Smashes Heat Record
WASHINGTON (AP) — Call it spring's fever. Federal records show the U.S. just finished its hottest spring on record.
March, April and May in the Lower 48 states beat the oldest spring temperature record by a full 2 degrees. The three months averaged 57...
US Forecasters Say Heat Will Stay On This Summer
WASHINGTON (AP) — Meteorologists say America's unusually warm year is likely to extend through the summer. And that's a bad sign for wildfires in the West.
The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's forecast for June through August calls for warmer-than-normal weather for …