What happened over the weekend in Moscow, Idaho was tragic and the community continues to try to wrap its heads around it. On Sunday, November 13 the Moscow police department responded to an unconscious individual on King Road. When they arrived they found four deceased students from the University of Idaho.

The victims have been identified as 21-year-old Kaylee GonCalves of Rathdrum, 20-year-old Ethan Chapin of Conway, WA, 21-year-old Madison Mogen of Coeur d'Alene, and 20-year-old Xana Kernoodle of Avondale, AZ. The Moscow Police Department stated in a press release:

The City of Moscow Police Department
would like to address community concerns about public safety. We hear you, and we understand your fears.  We want you to know that we, like you, have been devastated and distressed by these young lives that were cut short needlessly. We determined early in the investigation that we do not believe there is an ongoing threat for community members.  Evidence indicates that this was a targeted attack.


At this time, we have shared every piece of information that we can without compromising the ongoing investigation

While on Reddit I discovered a tweet that shares a link to a YouTube video that has footage of Madison Mogen and Kaylee GonCalves in what could be the last time the two girls are seen alive publicly.


In this video, the creator Gray Hughes alludes to there being an "unknown male the girls seem to arrived with." In this video footage, the girls can be seen getting some late-night food in the early hours of Sunday morning at GrubTruckers.

The young male seen in this video is not at all a person of interest to our knowledge.

What is strange is that the young male seen in the background arrives and leaves at the same time as Madison and Kaylee without any type of interaction with the two girls. He also doesn't order any food.

I'll let you draw your own conclusion. The video is below.

[Updated 11/16 5:00 pm MT below]

Idaho Victims Seen In Video at Food Truck

Two of the four victims in the slaying of four University Students can be seen with what a Youtuber calls an "Unknow male the girls seem to have arrived with" at a food truck just hours before they were found.

You can see the entire unedited video from GrubTrucker here.

[Update: 11/16 @ 5:00pm MT]

The Moscow police department held a press conference today (11/16) at 4:30 pm MT. If have any information that can help the case please call the tip line (208) 883-7180.

During the press conference, Chief of Police James Fry said that "no weapon has been located at this time" that there was "no sign of forced entry into the residence" and that autopsies are still being conducted on the victims.

President of the University Scott Green is clearly shaken up by the incident and can be heard choking up as he shared his thoughts which you can see in the video below.

While taking questions Police Chief Fry was asked a question in regards to the video above and said "we are aware of that video and it has helped, it gives us a time space where we knew that two victims were at that helps us a ton".





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