The Natrona County High School (NCHS) held a ribbon cutting ceremony at 12 p.m. for the new pool on Wednesday.


The new $10.2 million natatorium gives NCHS a pool for the first time since the old pool was demolished in 2014.


Seniors McKenzie Watts, Lily Roberts and Bella Bruvaker talked to k2radio news about their excitement.

"It's nice to feel like we have a place of our own that we can take pride in and say is ours," said Watts.

Prior to the completion of the new pool, the swimming team was shuttling between the YMCA pool and Kelly Walsh's to practice. This meant that the NC swim team had to work around Kelly Walsh's practices by going in very early or very late. Sometimes they wouldn't be finished with practice until 8 p.m. said one of the seniors, Lily Roberts.

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k2radio news asked the seniors what their favorite thing about the new pool is, to which Watts quickly said, "It's ours."


The swim team said when they first heard they were getting a new pool they were "So hopeful, so excited, and to finally have it just means so much to us" said Roberts.


They've been on the swim team all four years, and to have the pool completed in time for their senior year is very cool.


The NC swim will have their first home meet next Friday, said Watts, so if you haven't gotten to check out the new pool you can show up to support the swimmers and see it for yourself.

Natrona County High School Ribbon Cutting for Natatorium

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