Three candidates for the vacant Natrona Count Clerk of District Court position were chosen by the county Republican Party's central committee on Tuesday.

They are Leticia Drake, Jill Kiester and Marcia Neumiller.

They were chosen among seven candidates.

The others were Kayla Courtright, Michael McIntosh, Sue Regennas and Connie Rollins. Regennas did not attend the meeting held at the Ramkota Hotel.

The position was vacated by the death of Clerk of District Court Anne Volin in February.

Candidates and others at the central committee meeting paid tribute to her.

Natrona County GOP Chairman Dr. Joe McGinley said the central committee will notify the Natrona County Commission, which will interview the candidates and choose one who will serve in the position until the end of 2022.

State law requires the commission to select the candidate within five days of being notified by the party.

After the committee approved the rules for the meeting, each of the candidates spoke for two minutes to introduce themselves.

They then were sequestered. Each candidate was brought before the committee, which had 106 eligible voters from the county's precincts.

The candidates were asked the same three questions:

  • What is the job of the Clerk of District Court?
  • Why are you qualified for the position of Clerk of District Court?
  • Do you have the experience in managing the office and employees?

Many of the candidates said they had experience in working for county offices including the Clerk of District Court, with some including Drake and Rollins working there for up to 18 years.

Drake unsuccessfully ran for the GOP nomination for the position in the 2018 primary, losing to Volin.

Neumiller had not worked in that office, but she said she has been a paralegal for the Casper Law Office, LLC, and knows court procedures.

McIntosh, who unsuccessfully ran for Casper City Council in 2020, cited his business experience.

Cartwright was hired by Volin to be the chief deputy Clerk of District Court. She was appointed to the same position in Niobrara County in 2013, was elected to that position in 2014, lost re-election in 2018 and moved to Glenrock. Someone asked if she could serve in a county office if she lived outside the county, and McGinley responded that they could.

Most of the candidates had answered the three questions in some measure in their introductions.

While McIntosh recounted his business experience, he came up short when asked what was the job of the Clerk of District Court, and received a few giggles in response to his answer.

"That is a good question," McIntosh said. "I don't know a whole lot about it; take care of court business, I'm sure."

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