Elon Musk and Twitter lobbed salvos at each other in the latest round of legal filings over the billionaire Tesla CEO’s aborted plan to buy the social media platform. Musk filed more paperwork to terminate his agreement to buy Twitter. This time it's based on information in a whistleblower complaint filed by Twitter’s former head of security. In a separate SEC filing, Twitter responded to what it called Musk’s latest “purported termination.” The company said saying it’s based solely on statements made by a third party that “are riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies and lack important context.”

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Bands of Beartrap Summer Festival Day 1

The bands of Beartrap Summer Festival fill the meadow with their incredible music. Country, Blues, Bluegrass, and Rock, it's all up here on the mountain.

Rock & Roll All Night- Hairball 2022

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