The Wyoming Game and Fish Department say three Glenrock men and a juvenile have been fined $750 each and ordered to pay $40 in court costs for being off road on State lands.

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Robin Kepple from the Casper Field Office says the Converse County Sheriff's office were able to track the damage done to a stock pond of off Mormon Canyon road to three Glenrock men and a boy.

"and they were out there kind of Mudbogging. They found a small pond and they basically just ripped their vehicles through that pond."

27 year old Christopher Lythgoe, 19 year old Trenton Layher, 21 yr old Aaron Layher and a 17-year-old boy drove pickup trucks and off-road vehicles through the pond south of Glenrock..

"And the bottom line, what happened here is their mud bogging essentially destroyed that pond to where it won't hold water any more. Now the lessee who leases that land for his livestock has lost that water source for his livestock."

Glenrock Game Warden, Gary Boyd, says one of the pickup trucks also leaked toxic antifreeze into the pond and surrounding mud from a broken radiator.

Under Wyoming law, vehicles must remain on established roads while on State-owned lands.

Public access privileges were only established in 1988. Prior to that it was necessary to obtion lessee permission.

It's also illegal to charge for the use of State lands. New roads or tracks cannot be created, nor can established roads be extended. Building fires and camping is also prohibited.

The public is encouraged to notify the County Sheriff’s office, the local game warden or the State Lands Office of any observed violations.

Tips can be made to the Stop Poaching Tip Line at 1-877-WGFD-TIP or on the WGFD website at