A man originally from Wisconsin, wanted in question for hitting a bicyclist with a vehicle, will be spending time in jail for trying to steal electronic items from a store, and for shoving a loss prevention officer out of the way.

Twenty-five year old Michael Carpenter, was sentenced to a total of two years in jail, after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of shoplifting, criminal trespass, use of a controlled substance and battery.

Casper Police say on Tuesday afternoon, June 9th, Carpenter was trying to leave the east-side Casper Wal-Mart with about $200 worth of electronics that he did not pay for.

He was approached by loss prevention officers, and then grabbed one by the throat, and threw her back several feet, before she was caught by another officer.

Carpenter then fled the store, but officers found him not far away, a short time later.

When interviewed, he admitted to stealing the items, with the intent to sell them, and that he shoved the loss prevention officer, so that they would not pursue him due to liability issues.

He also admitted that he had smoked methamphetamine the day before and was still coming down from the effects.

It was also discovered that he had been trespassed from the Wal-Mart, as a result of a previous incident, and prosecutors told a judge that Carpenter had a lengthy criminal record.

Carpenter has been ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol review, and after 60 days, the court could call him for a possible sentence review.

He is still being questioned, in regards to the vehicle-bicycle collision in late May in Casper.

Charges, if any, have not yet been filed.

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