Fire and emergency crews still have a number of areas closed to area residents and the public due to the Sheep Herder Hill fire near Casper.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office says for most part, people have been cooperative and are staying out of areas that are not accessible due to the fire.

Lieutenant Gus Holbrook says in some places, the danger is not where the fire is now, rather what the fire has already burned.

"It's a very dangerous situation up on that mountain right now, especially with falling trees, the fire gets in, burns the roots, and we have not had that much wind, but we have had some of the firefighters reporting that trees are falling down and if we were to get the wind to pick up again, it could become very hazardous up there.

Lieutenant Holbrook says there are still a few spot fires and hot spots burning in areas where the main fire has already passed through.

Anyone caught inside the fire zone without permission, can be arrested and charged with either driving past a road closed blockade, or trespassing.