A contract worker in Yellowstone National Park is facing numerous misdemeanor charges after reportedly driving drunk and rolling a vehicle that belonged to a construction company.

According to a complaint filed in Wyoming US District Court, Jesse James Christian is charged with a single count of driving under the influence, a single count of reckless driving, two counts of careless operation, a single count of failure to report and a single count of driving under suspension.

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He hasn't had an opportunity to enter pleas to the charges.

According to the complaint, authorities responded to a reported rollover crash on Grand Loop Road west of the Blacktail Ponds in Yellowstone at roughly 4 a.m. Saturday. Additionally, an off-duty ranger reported seeing a hit-and-run crash near a bar in Gardiner, Montana involving the same vehicle.

When investigators arrived on the scene, they found a white flatbed Ford pickup resting on its left side in sagebrush. Authorities also found a number of construction signs and tools all around the scene.

The complaint states it appeared that the truck rolled numerous times. Keys were missing from the truck's ignition, the truck was still in drive and the open door chime was still dinging.

Investigators reportedly found numerous open beer cans inside the cab of the truck.

As investigators were on the scene, a supervisor for a construction company drove by the scene and reported that one of his employees was assigned to that vehicle and his son (Christian) also worked for the company.

The supervisor took investigators to the dorm where Christian was staying near Tower Falls Campground. They found Christian asleep in his bed at roughly 7 a.m.

When authorities searched Christian's room, they reportedly found more empty beer cans. They also learned Christian's driver's license was suspended out of Washington.

As investigators searched Christian's apartment, he reportedly denied driving the truck and kept saying "what a way to wake up," the complaint states.

Christian allegedly blew .125 on a portable breathalyzer test.

As the investigation went on, authorities learned that an off-duty officer observed someone matching Christian's description leave a bar in Gardiner earlier in the night. The officer reportedly observed the man crash into a parked vehicle with the back of the pickup.

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