Anticipated drops in Medicare reimbursements along with possible loss of sole provider status triggers multiple cost-saving moves at Wyoming Medical Center.

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"The most significant and immediate reimbursement issue for Wyoming Medical Center is the potential loss of our sole community provider status."

Wyoming Medical Center CEO, Vicki Diamond, outlined a plan for streamlined operations in 2012 as they wait for final word on sole provider-ship, which they may lose with Mountain View Regional Hospital serving an increasing percentage of the area's patient population. That could mean an  $8 million annual revenue loss.

The cost reduction plan, outlined by Diamond, amounts to about 11.3 million dollars for next year and also looks to balance the additional loss of Medicare reimbursements starting at one percent and growing to nine percent over eight years as part of federal health care reform.

Diamond says a number of operational changes will mean removal of 152.4 full time equivalent positions from the hospitals direct labor costs. Diamond insists there are no layoffs, "the reduction comes from vacancies, reorganization of staff and a voluntary retirement program."

The most significant reduction will come through outsourcing of services like laundry and transportation. She says current employees will be offered jobs with the outsource company. They also plan to contract out coordination of their physicians and nurse practitioners.

Other changes include closing the Transitional Care Unit, possibly moving those service to Elkhorn Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, reducing professional fees, and leasing a smaller helicopter.

Diamond says their building program will move forward and the West Tower Addition will be completed.