With an increased number of passengers departing the Casper-Natrona County International Airport in recent months, airport officials say holiday travelers should prepare for long lines at the airport’s security checkpoint and check-in desks.

Glenn Januska, the manager of the Casper-Natrona County International Airport, says he expects the airport to be busy this holiday season.

We'll have times when there will be multiple flights on the ground, Januska said. "We we always tell passengers around the holiday time to make sure they get to the airport and get checked in early, so it allows them enough time to go through screening."

Januska says security checkpoint lines will be particularly lengthy during high-volume periods.

It's going to be a lot busier this year than it has been in past years around the holiday time," Januska said. "It makes it a lot more enjoyable, I think, when people can relax at the beginning of their trip instead of kind of being hurried through the airport."

To travel more efficiently through airport security checkpoints, the Transportation Security Administration recommends passengers wear shoes that can be easily taken off, not packing bulky items and electronics in carry-ons, and acting appropriately when addressed by TSA officers. Additional security checkpoint tips can be found at TSA.gov.


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