Well that escalated quickly.

Tuesday, Yellowstone National Park reported the Lone Star Fire south of Old Faithful was 3,346 acres, or about 5.2 square miles.

The size of the fire had not changed much over the past week, and the park said there wouldn't be any new daily updates about the fire, unless significant changes occurred.

They occurred.

The fire is now about a square mile larger, after new mapping determined the fire grew 3,914 acres due mostly to spot fires, creeping, and smoldering.

The fire continues to hold heat, and potential for growth remains as warm temperatures along with low relative humidity could cause it to become more active in the next few days.

Fire danger in the park remains very high.

Haze may be visible through the end of the week as smoke from the fire mixes with smoke from fires on the West Coast.

The Grand Loop Road between Old Faithful and West Thumb could close if smoke or fire impede the movement of traffic or the road becomes unsafe to drive.

There are 40 personnel on the scene, and firefighters are cutting trees and heavy vegetation around Old Faithful to protect power lines, historic buildings, and communication equipment.

Containment is expected by Oct. 30.

Fire activity in the western United States has created high demand for firefighting resources.

Visit the park’s websites for more information about the fire, roads, trails and campsites.

For complete technical information about the fire, visit InciWeb.

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