After suffering what his wife, Kim Kardashian, described as a bi-polar episode, Kanye West admitted himself to a hospital in Cody, Wyoming for anxiety.

TMZ reported on Saturday (July 25th, 2020), that Kanye went to the hospital for a short trip and later on that day, an ambulance was at his ranch. As of yesterday though (July 27th, 2020), it seems Kim has finally joined him in Cody. Although they were spotted together eating at a local restaurant, things are definitely not all good. They were photographed in a vehicle having an argument. Click here to see the photos.

Things have been a little rocky for the couple after Ye tweeted out some pretty scathing personal information about their marriage, including that she had asked him about having an abortion. West even turned down her initial offer to spend some time with him in the Cowboy State at their property, West Lake Ranch.

Yeezy has since apologized in a heartfelt tweet (see below), even going as far as asking for forgiveness.

Over the course of the last week, the eccentric billionaire has had some very high profile visitors. Dave Chappelle flew in to see him last Tuesday and Justin Bieber was hanging out with him on Friday.

Here's to hoping the couple can work out their differences soon. They are in the perfect place to get some peace and quiet, if they can keep the paparazzi away.

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