A Casper man is accused of burglarizing a Federal Credit Union, where one of he knew one of the employees.

Twenty year old Kevin Walsh is facing one charge of burglary and one charge of grand larceny.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department and the FBI say in middle June, there was a report of cash missing from the Family First Federal Credit Union, just east of downtown Casper.

One day when the FCU was open for business, more currency was needed for a cash drawer and it was then that it was discovered that about $48,000 from the vault was missing.

Upon reviewing security camera footage, investigators saw during the over-night hours of the burglary, someone had turned several cameras away, and then turned them back to their original position a short time later.

Technicians revealed that phone cable which would transmit an alarm had been removed some time ago, thus the FCU has been without a functioning alarm for sometime, although police did not suspect foul play in that case.

Walsh had been in the FCU in the past, doing odd jobs, because he knew one of the employees.

When interviewed he confessed to doing the deed, saying his family needed the money, and no one else helped him with the burglary.

He outlined his strategy, saying he swiped a key, and knew the alarm code from previous observations.

As for the vault code, Walsh said he was familiar with similar devices at his job, which were from the same manufacturer that produced the vault lock device.

Walsh knew what the manufacturer's code was, and opened the vault on the first try.

It turns out the FCU never changed the code to the vault when they got it, more than one decade ago.

He also said he kept his get-away vehicle, in neutral while he was committing the crime, because if it was in any other gear, the head-lights would automatically turn on, and it was the middle of the night, when the burglary took place, so he didn't want to draw attention to himself.

Walsh then said the rest of the money, minus what he had spent, was hidden in the crawlspace, underneath his home, and investigators were able to recover what was left.

He is being held on $75,000 bond awaiting trial, and could face up to 10 years in prison on each charge if convicted.