Welcome to April 2024.

If you thought the weather for March was unpredictable, you're going to LOVE this month.

April will be a real weather rollercoaster as the region tries to work itself out of winter and into summer.

We start by coming out of a weekend of a little bit of everything.

One moment it was sunny, the next rating, then snow, then back to sun again.

The first week of April starts with sunny and much warmer temperatures than we have seen so far this year.

Enjoy that while you can.

In the video below regional weatherman Don Day explains.

This next weekend might just look as weird and unpredictable as last weekend.

HOLD ON, next weekend could bring a big storm... maybe. We will keep you posted.

Then we warm up again and back down we go, with another chance of rain and snow.

That's your weather roller coaster for this April.

None of this is all that unusual for Western states like Wyoming.

Spring months are typically the wettest months of the year.

The good news is that much of this moisture is adding snowpack to the mountains and wetting down the planes.

Tree, Season, Winter, Springtime, Bare Tree

Perhaps we can have another year, like last year, of green grass for most of the season.

Despite the warming trend, there is still a lingering chance of a cold snap or two and a big finale to the season with that last snowstorm we are all waiting for.

You're probably wondering when that last big storm is coming.

Yeah... so are we.

This is where you start a betting pool at work, everybody picks dates to predict the last big storm and hopes for the best.

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