Road repairs need to be done.

But those repairs can really hurt area business.

One popular restaurant in Casper, Wyoming is closing its doors on Mondays and Tuesdays because customers just won't be able to get to them.

Here is a note left on the Little Shop Of Burgers Facebook Page.

Howdy friends!

I have some upsetting news to share with you all today.

Starting today, September 18th, we will be closing on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Unfortunately, the construction happening on the F St. Bridge is affecting our business in such a negative way that we have to be closed 2 additional days in order for us to be able to serve you Wednesday through Saturday.

attachment-Little Shop Of Burgers

We have done everything in our power to try to get the attention of both the city of Casper as well as the state in order to get some help while this is happening, however, we at Little Shop of Burgers are small potatoes and our cries for help have been ignored.

It's not just us either. It's other beloved local businesses like Max's, The Showboat, The Shell station, Taco John's, and many more.

I wish I could say that this won't last long, but the construction is estimated to take at least another year.

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

This was a very difficult decision.

We hope to see all of your smiling faces Wednesday-Saturday.

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On a good note, today marks our 5-year anniversary!

We thank you all for your love and support.

We hope to continue to serve up your favorite burgers for many years to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you, Casper!

I know the owner Sheri. I'll be heading out there to have some burgers during this time and maybe to buy some gas at that Shell Station.

Have a look at the map below. That blue line is usually open, but at times can be obstructed by construction equipment.

Don't worry! There are other ways to get to the Little Shop.

On the map below you can see many alternate roads that will lead you back to K STREET!

Take North Grant, as one example, back to K Street.

Then turn left until you see the restaurant on the corner of K Street and Center Street.

attachment-Little Shop Of Burgers map

Anything to help them through this time.

This is a tough business that has been through a lot.

They survived COVID shutdowns, after all, and are still in business.

They were even handing out free lunches to needy people during that time.

So go have a burger and help them out.

While you are there here's hoping that you'll have a haunted experience.

attachment-Ghost Buspters Casper photo by Glenn Woods

It's no surprise that a restaurant called Little Shop Of Burgers might have ghosts in it.

Who you gonna call?

Right, well Casper Wyoming has its own set of Ghostbusters.

A father and daughter team who live not far off in Fort Danger.

Fort Danger is another story for another time.

One ghost you don't want when trying to eat a delicious burger is SLIMER.

If you've seen the movies you've seen him in action.

He's just a slob.

Literally, all that food was going right through him.

Then he started eyeing the kitchen.

Lord knows the trouble he would have caused back there.

Little Shop Of Burgers has our local Ghost Busters on a retainer.

YEAH, this is a regular problem for them.

Someone punched a big red button on the wall and we could hear the distinct Ghost Buster siren in no time.

Here is an actual video of when the ghost was detected and the proton pack was fired up.

You'll want to turn the sound up for this video - TRUST ME!

Well, the ghost was captured, the slime was cleaned up, and everybody got back to eating.

These ghostbusters recently won an award for their appearance in a local parade.

They delighted the crowd with their lights and sirens.

You can see the cruiser below.

Now they are available for other personal appearances.

I asked for his business card and he sent me one by text.

It looks like this.


To see the entire card with his website and social media, click this link.

More details are being added to their car all the time.

So each time you see it cruising the streets, take another look to see what's new.

Wyoming Ghost Busters

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