Every year in the mountains of Wyoming, search and rescue teams are called out to help stranded skiers, snowmobilers, snowboarders, hikers, campers and others that lose their way. Thankfully for us, we have incredible search and rescue teams at the ready.

On average SAR teams are called out over 300 times to assist in the rescue across the state. The best part is, no matter how big or small the rescue situation is, search and rescue teams are there to help.

The Wyoming Homeland Security has a Wyoming Search and Rescue Council that is  made up of a group of Wyoming law enforcement agents and citizens. The purpose of this council is to help Wyoming Sheriffs with resources and executing search and rescue missions. From the Wyoming Department of Homeland Security website.

The goal of the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council is to assist Wyoming sheriffs, who are charged by state statute to conduct SAR operations, with the execution of this mandate by fostering quality search and rescue resources throughout the state and providing reimbursement for eligible expenditures.

The Be 307 AWARE program was put into place so that anyone with a FRS and GRMS capable radio can help  you get in contact with SAR teams. Program the radio to UHF 462.6125 Privacy Code 85.4 or Channel 3 and Privacy code 07 (307).

In 2022, Wyoming search and rescue teams were busy and looking at this map, you can see the areas that were most active with SAR missions.

Wyoming Information Sharing Platform

Search and rescue teams from all over Wyoming train to be ready at any moment to jump into action. Companies like Peak-Rescue in Casper are where you can go to get top of the line training for all things SAR.

If you'd like to become part of a search and rescue team, every county in Wyoming has a team and are always looking for new search and rescue volunteers.

Natrona County Search and Rescue, for instance, has an open application process that requires you to be at least 18 years old, live in Natrona County for at least 1 year, be able to pass a drug test and not be a convicted felon.

Obviously there is more that goes into it, but passing those requirements will get your foot in the door.

Contacting your local Wyoming Sheriff's Office to find out more information.

Check out some of the training that goes along with being on a SAR team.

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