We knew it was only going to be a matter of time before they fought back. It looks like the moose of the world have gotten tired of the grizzly bears being bullies.

Not, it's not anti-bullying month, but it's time the deer species started fighting back.

We've all seen videos of moose attacking people or other animals, but I don't think I've ever seen a moose going after a bear...especially a grizzly.

It's usually the bear chasing the moose...not this time.

Video on the Instagram page @wildanimal793 shows how it all went down.

The video captures good sized grizzly (referred to as a grazelly bear, by the poster) looking scared and being chased by a moose (referred to as an elk, by the poster) at a high rate of speed.

Not only was this sight something that isn't a common sight, the moose (again...referred to as an elk, by the poster) was kicking at the behind of the grizzly (again...referred to as a grazelly bear, by the poster).

Reading through the comments on the post, which are pretty funny, it seems these animals both have new names.

The moose (referred to as an elk, by the poster) is now known as a melk (moose and elk combination) and the grizzly (referred to as a grazelly, by the poster) is now known as a grazelly (grizzly and gazelle combination).

Another re-occurring comment is about the human/wildlife interaction that happens regularly:

A bear is afraid of a moose…and yet people still approach moose!!!


Humans have no chance

Just notice how fast that bear is running.. good luck if your on the menu
Remember how fast they are running when your Disney brain decides to approach either one.
Now check this video out. You'll have to watch it multiple times, because you're going to focus on something different every time. Definitely go read all the comments too...they're a hoot.
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Kick
  • Grazelly?
  • Elk?

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