It never fails, even after all the preaching and pleading for people to stay away from large animals like elk, someone goes and does something stupid.

 Blue Collar Comedy Tour star Ron White say's

Let me tell ya folks, you can't fix stupid

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I know it seems mean, it seems like people are being called out, and in reality, they should be.

It never fails that you see a story about someone getting too close to an animal when  visiting Yellowstone National Park, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

There are signs posted, park rangers verbally telling people to stay away and the internet is full of people getting tossed by a bison, stomped on by a moose, mauled by a bear or gored by an elk.

So let's take a minute an put out another warning of danger, ok?

  • It's not smart to try and pet the big fluffy cows
  • It's not a good idea to try and take selfie with a cuddly brown bea
  • The kitty cat standing on the rock staring at you is NOT going to purr when you rub it's tummy
  • That large bull elk is NOT happy that you're teasing him with a beer.

Yep, you read that right, some not-so-brilliant touron, the internet feels they could be from Colorado due to his beer choice, was trying to offer up his Coors banquet to a large bull elk.

Elk Beer
touronsofyellowstone via Instagram

This of course is a big NO NO and a part foul all in one moment.

You don't taunt animals with beer. You can see in the video below that the fella probably had a few too many brewski's and wasn't thinking properly.

There's no word if the guy made it out unharmed, but seeing the elk drop his head and prepare to charge, shows he wasn't happy.

Not sure if the elk was more unhappy about the guy being in his space, the fact he's teasing him with a beer or the fact that the beer was a Coors banquet.

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