If you've lived in Casper, Wyoming your whole life, you've seen changes. The city has expanded, businesses have come and gone, and you may say "when I was a kid, Casper was...", but there's no doubt about it, Casper is a great place to live, play and according to Good Housekeeping, a great place to vacation.

Casper was named in the annual Good Housekeeping Family Travel Awards 2024, as a one of the Breathtaking Western Regions.

A mountain town in central Wyoming, Casper delivers an authentic Western experience minus the crowds of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park

I get that there are people that complain about there being nothing to do in or around Casper, but if you stop and look, you're going to see and endless amount of opportunity. One trip to Visit Casper's website, and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Visit Casper Website

In a span of a couple days of being in Casper, you could...

The best part of many of theses activities is the cost. Quite a few of the things listed above are free and you'll be making some of the best memories you can with your family.

Take it from a guy that hasn't lived anywhere 'my whole life', Casper, Wyoming definitely deserves to be on Good Housekeeping's Family Travel Awards 2024 list. Get out and enjoy what's right here in your back yard.

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