Pictures have been criticized for many years, but now, with the addition of artificial intelligence, people are even more skeptical.

Programs to doctor photos are accessible to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and you don't have to be trained to use them. You can type in a few words to describe what you're looking for, and your generated photo is ready in seconds.

Using AI photo generators has sparked the debate on the originality of many pictures on social media, websites, and streaming platforms, including this photo of Wyoming's Devil's Tower under the Milky Way.

I'm not a professional photographer, I'm not trained in Photoshop, and I have little experience deciphering real or fake pictures. Some parts of this picture seem like they could be real, but some parts look like they could be AI-generated. However, if you've ever spent time outdoors at night in Wyoming, you have seen outstanding views, and the possibility of catching a photo like this is high.

Reading through the comments on the original post in a Facebook group called JWST ● Hubble ● NASA Missions & Astronomical Discoveries, many called the photo fake, plenty said it had been doctored, and some (like always) went so far off-subject that they started arguing over how Devils Tower was formed.

Some of the top references made to the picture were:

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Tree Stump
  • Light Pollution
  • Politics
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Volcano
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • UFO's
  • Conspiracy Theories

Some people find it difficult to believe that Wyoming is a real place, but they will plunge into the deep end when you give them even a tiny opening.

This video, taken by Winston Yeung in 2017, shows how the Wyoming sky puts on an incredible light show. If you put the time in, you can capture a photo like the one that's being debated.

Devils Tower As Seen From The Mother Ship

If you've see the movie (documentary) Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, then you know what it looked like to see "The Mother Ship" descending down to Devils Tower.

But what did it look like from the Mother Ship's point of view?

We don't have any actual photos from the Mother Ship

So we recreated the scene using Google Earth and one Nasa Photo.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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