You may have seen that Josh Allen has yet another national commercial out.   After watching it, as Bills fans, a few thoughts immediately jumped out at us.

Josh Allen tweeted out a new commercial that he has with Pepsi and Frito-Lay.  He simply wrote, "Great to see these guys suited up again!"

The commercial takes place with former players Randy Moss, Emmett Smith, Dan Marino, and Jerry Rice sitting in a living room watching a game.  When Emmett Smith says, "Man!  I wish I was out there!" Dan Marino responds with "Let's Unretire!"

As they roll out of the tunnel all suited up again, the fans suddenly notice their heroes coming back to the field and they go nuts...until they see them play.

It's pretty good.  The thought of these guys getting back out on the field does make you wonder how much they would still have in the tank.  But as a Bills fan, it probably brought up a couple of other thoughts for you too.  Thoughts like:

1.  Josh Allen is really starting to get a lot of national commercials

When Josh started to get good, he was getting a lot of local advertisers that were getting behind him.  It was awesome to see that he was going to become a huge star and he was still helping out the local guys.

Now, not only does he still have a lot of those local deals, but he's getting national brands like Verizon, Gillette, and Lays that believe he's a huge star too.

2.  It really was great to see those legends suit up again

Even though they were our rivals, it was kind of cool to see some of those guys back in their old uniforms.  Emmett Smith was a nightmare in Super Bowls and we saw Dan Marino a lot during the regular season.  Seeing them in the commercial was like when your favorite villains show up again for a quick cameo in a movie.  You know they were bad guys once upon a time, but it was still good to see them again.

3.  Tom Brady joking about unretiring isn't funny anymore

It was a glorious day when Tom Brady finally left the Patriots.  It was like when your bully finally moved on to someone else.  He was gone and we were glad.  Then he came back. Granted, it was for a team outside of our division and it wasn't as scary anymore, but enough already.  Just stay retired.


All Bills fans everywhere

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