Whether you're a Thin Mint fan or crazy for Tagalongs, you're in luck. It's Girl Scout Cookie Season in Wyoming and sales are underway.

Girl Scouts across Montana and Wyoming are now taking pre-orders for eight varieties  including Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Savannah Smiles, Girl Scout S’mores™ and the gluten free variety, Toffee-tastics.

The ever-popular cookies are available several ways over the coming weeks and months:

  •  Girl Scouts will take pre-orders February 1st through February 17th, with delivery in mid-March
  • You can order cookies online via Digital Cookie from a Girl Scout through April 14
  • Cookies can be purchased during Booth Sales, from March 22nd through April 14th, and during that time you can use the booth-locator at girlscoutcookies.org or download the Cookie Finder app for Apple or Android.

Officials say if you're a fan of the lemon-flavored Savannah Smiles you might want to  stock up, because 2019 will be the last season for that variety. On the bright side, that means there will be a new cookie coming next year.

Girl Scout Cookies in Montana and Wyoming will sell for $4.00 per box except the specialty cookies, the S’mores and gluten-free Toffee-tastics, which are $5.00 per box.

Cookie Season is much more than making sure you get your treats. The Girl Scouts are also building entrepreneurial and business skills that are imperative for leadership and future success.

"The Girls start with goal setting, they decide how much they want to sell, "said Andrea Winfrey of Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming. "Decision-making, again because our program is girl-led, it's up to the girls to make all of the decisions as to what to do with their proceeds as well as how to meet those goals, so if they plan to hit it really hard during pre-sale and then take it light on the booths we talk to them about a business plan and how that could affect outcomes."

The Girl Scouts also learn money management, people skills, and business ethics. "Making sure they're properly running a business and when they leave our program they're able to operate in a way that is ethical," said Winfrey.

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